Out there tonight in the late winter snows, as it covers the earth higher and higher, pure white and glistening, clean and new, but spring is suppose to be here too.

Perhaps this snow white new we see, is a sign to remind us that it can be warm and easy, with shining bright days, with the new fresh smells that gift us each day,

Or it can be the cold glistening snow - having a magic all its own, but making it harder for the new life that goes on, making it hard for the doe and her fawn......

The Circle of Life is never-ending, but the hoop is broken and it must be mended.

I believe that the glistening cold snows, is a reminder of the broken spirits and souls, of all the people that live on this earth, who our Mother sustains but now she does thirst, she is getting weary and her blood running slower, she is getting old and older, because she is hurt and crying in pain, our Mother the Earth, and we are to blame.

The continuing winter snows, although it is spring, is sending this reminder to me again and again.

My brothers, the winged ones, the squirrels and chipmunks and the other creatures I do see, the beautiful wild turkeys that come every day to eat from the food we have shared with them. The Give-aWay Eagles, a pair, mates, they come every day and they feel safe.

They know I am trying to give in return, what the Give-A-Way Eagle's lesson is for us to learn, the same to them. These lessons are all around each of us in a special way. A lesson for each of us, a strong reminder of each passing day. Of our Mother's pain as she cries out so loud, people stop, listen, it is time to stop.

Our Mother needs us-and we need each other. Let's put aside our differences, our bitterness, anger and sorrow. And come together as we can be, changing the things that are hurting our Mother, changing the things that makes us hurt one another.

Evening Rain ~ Svhyeyi Aga

March 31, 2001

12:59 am est

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