I am blessed to have such wonderful friends......this page is a continual tribute to those who have entered my life and have enriched it in so many ways.

                  From this land we call Turtle Island to far across the oceans to Prague.....I have two wonderful sisters who mean so much to me! Without doubt, our spirits have connected - it is as if we have known each other for many years, perhaps all our lives, but then again dear sisters, I know we have met long before.

                  There is a saying I've heard from the wise ones. " You can always recognize the people of your tribe."

                  People now speak of there being no more tribes. Some do. But we are all part of one great circle of life - one great village - one great tribe and nation. So, I cannot agree with those who say tribes no longer exist. To believe this, I would have to deny all that I believe in. To make the words "We Are All Related" empty.

                  These are NOT empty words. We ARE all related!

                  To my sweet, kind wise sister Kabubu - how I love you. Your sense of humor, your warm and tender heart. Your shyness. Your love of animals - the beautiful babies you love so well, who have entered your life and are bringing you such joy. Your wisdom. Thank you my sister, for being in my life, for all that you give to me - I love you so!

                  Across the great seas to a foreign land - but my sister Bushka is not foreign to me. She is my sister in every way and walks the path with dignity, honor, love, respect, and a strong fighting spirit! How much you care! How many hours you spend working for all people - human rights - human freedom and human dignity.

                  You are, without doubt, my sister, a STRONG WARRIOR for THE PEOPLE!

                  Mike and Sharon - who fight so hard for our people. Who work to bring unity - to bring about a United Native America. Your love, strength, commitment and hard work is what will help to turn things around for the native peoples. You have not done it with anger - but with love and strength and commitment. You both walk a good honorable path. You walk with truth and you are the role model for the future generations to come.

                  I am honored and blessed to have you in my life!

                  Rick, Bobbie and Rasky - another gift given to me, the day we connected. You have helped me in so many ways! You give so freely to everyone. Your bring laughter and joy to so many! Oh yes, my friends, we are connected in this never ending circle of life. Thank you for being the good, kind, and loving friends you are!

                  My dear friend Two Dogs. Who so generously has given his heart - his talent to me, to share with others. Without question, my friend, you are loved by so many for your kind and giving heart - for your love of the People, the Children and the Animals. Thank you for being my friend.

                  Sunspirit - another dear friend and sister. Who also works so hard for the People. Who gives so much of herself - who has brought me laughter and support and has shown her good and caring heart again and again.

                  Horsesg - a strong Indian woman. A woman who faces such obstacles in her life, but is always kind, always giving, always generous and strong in her walk. You my Sister, are the true meaning of a Strong Indian Woman! Thank you for being my sister and my friend!

                  Harvey - what a big heart you have! How much you care for all People - how much you devote your time, energy, respect and great love to all peoples. I feel so gifted and blessed to have you as my friend. With great respect to you - for all you do for the People - for all Indigneous peoples of the world - of how freely you give of your time, talents and most of all, your love! You have graced my life.

                  Pam and David - dedicated to a fault - their hearts and their walk so true. Their door is open to all - they know the true meaning of the giveaway and it shows in their day-to-day lives. It shows in the faces of their beautiful children. For me to have been in your home, was such an honor. The love, the openness - the gathering of so many diverse people, but in the place that is your home, it is as clear as a the never-ending wide and blue sky, how true and good your hearts are. Much love is there and the great strength of Spirit.

                  I am grateful for the friends I have. Blessed. Each and every one - special, and unique and so good of heart and spirit, who the Greatest Spirit of all has blessed me - gifted me with a connection to so many good brothers and sisters.


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